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United Kingdom: Enchelmaier (political analyst), “rising awareness that Brexit has ruined the country. Today, the British government has a friendlier attitude towards the EU”

“I have no doubts that today marks a new, friendlier and more pragmatic attitude on the part of the British Government towards the EU, because the Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, is ready to face the rebellion of the pro-Brexit Tory MPs to have the approval of the ‘Windsor Framework’, signed in late February with the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen. We guess Great Britain will want to have a closer economic integration within the EU in the next few years, because it depends on the European market, even if fully re-joining it is not on the cards yet”. This is how political analyst Stefan Enchelmaier, professor at Oxford University, comments the House of Commons’ approval, due in the next few hours, of the so-called “Stormont break”, the mechanism, part of the Windsor Framework, which allows Northern Irish politicians to stop the enforcement of European laws in Northern Ireland. Even if the Windsor Framework is approved with the votes of the Labour party, the MPs of the “Dup”, which is supported by Protestants, and the MPs of the “European Research Group”, who want to cut off any connection with the EU, will be voting against it.
“In the United Kingdom, day after day there is rising awareness that Brexit has seriously damaged the country. Unfortunately, the British have always considered the alliance with Europe only in terms of financial benefits”, the political analyst ends.

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