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EU: Erasmus+, learning mobility for 1.2 million students and teachers. The goals: inclusion and digital transition

In 2022, Erasmus+, the European Union’s Programme supporting education, youth and sport, funded approximately 26,000 projects, benefiting over 73,000 organisations. It provided learning mobility opportunities to 1.2 million students, learners, professors, teachers, trainers, youth workers and young people. This is written in a Report issued today by the European Commission and presented at the 6th European Education Summit. The Report shows that “the programme delivered on its objectives in 2022, with high take-up and an efficient use of funds”.
In addition, the Report proves that the Programme keeps growing. With a budget of approximately 26.2 billion euros for 2021-2027 (nearly twice the funding available in 2014-2020), Erasmus+ “places a strong focus on social inclusion, the green and digital transitions, and promoting participation in democratic life”.
“Thanks to its focus on inclusion and diversity, Erasmus+ has supported 134,000 people with fewer opportunities to avail of a mobility activity in 2022”.
The programme is also “greener and more digital”. In 2022, 1,300 cooperation projects with a budget of 592 million euros “supported environmental goals and the fight against climate change”. Moreover, the Programme has kept supporting digital transformation in the educational and training systems, in line with the Digital Education Action Plan: in 2022, over 1,650 cooperation projects with an overall budget of 744 million euros addressed digital transition.

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