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European Commission: Common Agricultural Policy towards a sustainable model. Funds for young people setting up an activity

Thanks to the Strategic Plans of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), the EU agriculture is transitioning towards a sustainable model. This is the main message highlighted by the European Commission in light of the 2023-2027 Report released today. The CAP succeeds in the threefold task of “maintaining farmers’ income and food security, while supporting EU agriculture’s transition”. For the 2023-2027 period, the CAP is supported by €307 billion, of which 264 billion from the EU budget, and an additional €43 billion from national funds, the Commission explains. The Report highlights the need “to reinforce prevention and risk management tools and strengthen approaches to climate adaptation”. The national plans promote efforts to support farm income, ensure a fairer distribution to smaller farms, reduce income disparities, modernise farms, and strengthen competitiveness. One challenge is the ageing of farmers. This is why some funding will support 377,000 young people in setting up an agricultural activity. Also, 32% of the total budget will go “to voluntary actions advancing the environmental, climate and animal welfare objectives”. In 2020, CAP support accounted for 23% of EU farm income on average. In terms of the EU Green Deal 2030 ambitions, the Plans will contribute to reaching the target of 25% of EU agricultural area farmed organically.

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