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Eurobarometer: citizens worried about increasing cost of living. Italians fear poverty and climate change too

(Brussels) “In every member state, over seven respondents out of ten stated they are worried about increasing cost of living”. This is the first finding of a new Eurobarometer survey commissioned by the European Parliament and published today. The highest figures turned out to be those of Greece (100%), Cyprus (99%), Italy and Portugal (both at 98%). “The price rises, including energy and food prices, were felt by each sociodemographic group, such as sex or age”. The second most mentioned concern (82%) is “the threat of poverty and social exclusion”, followed by climate change and the war in Ukraine spilling out into other countries, which take third place at 81%. In Italy, it is climate change and social exclusion that take second place (both at 92%).
“The citizens expect the EU to keep working at potential solutions to mitigate the aggravating effects of the multiple crises that have affected the continent”, as pointed out in a note that commented on such figures. “The great support provided to the European Union is due to past experiences: in the last few years, the EU actually proved to have remarkable cohesion and implemented effective measures. However, right now, the citizens say they are not satisfied with the measures taken, both nationwide and in Europe”. Just one third of citizens say they are satisfied with what has been done by their own national governments and by the EU to cope with the increasing cost of living.

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