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Eurobarometer: response to energy crisis, citizens positive about EU action. Go-ahead to humanitarian aid and refugee reception. Public opinion divided over weapons

European citizens support the EU’s response to the energy crisis. 82% of European citizens believe that the EU should continue to take actions to reduce energy dependence on Russian gas as much as possible. This is according to a Eurobarometer survey released today. The majority of EU citizens think that Russia’s war against Ukraine makes it more urgent to invest in renewable energy. Furthermore, 83% of respondents agree that the price of electricity should not depend on the price of gas. Also, 49% of respondents think that measures taken by the EU to improve the economic situation will have a positive impact, while 18% think that they will have a negative impact and 22% that they will have no impact. Finally, the survey confirms that public opinion endorses the EU’s provision of humanitarian support to Ukraine (88%), the reception of refugees (82%), economic sanctions against Russia (71%), financial support (70%), a ban on state-owned Russian media (63%), and the supply of military equipment (59%).

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