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Denmark: election, Social Democrat prime minister re-elected. Congratulations from Metsola (EU Parliament)

Mette Fredriksen (Photo

The Danish election that took place yesterday basically gave a new mandate to Mette Fredriksen, leader of the Social Democrat party: the party received 27.5% of votes, nearly 2% more than in the 2019 election. Fredriksen was supported by the so-called “Red Bloc”, composed of five left-wing parties: it will have 87 seats in Parliament, plus the seat of the Faroe Islands, and Greenland’s two seats are expected to join in too. A threshold of 90 seats is required to rule. The “Blue Bloc”, led by Jakob Ellemann-Jensen (Liberal Party), is entitled to 72 seats. To judge from the first few statements made by Fredriksen, the next executive will be opening up to the Centre, though. The outgoing Prime Minister might actually carry the government over into the new parliament, but she announced that today she will ask the Queen to be allowed to start consultations for a new executive. What the Moderates, the centrist party led by the Conservative former prime minister Lars Rasmussen, a new political force that managed to get 16 seats in just a few months, will do must still be understood. ‘Venstre’, the Centre-Right party that Rasmussen led until 2021, lost 19 seats, instead. The president of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola, was one of the first to congratulate Mette Frederiksen: “Europe must stay united in the fight against autocracy and the dazzling rise in the cost of living. The Danish Parliament is a natural partner in the promotion of energy diversity and renewable energy and in the fight against climate change”.

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