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G20: Michel (EU), “We are here to engage and to defend the multilateral world order”. Let Putin stop the war

Charles Michel al G20 (Foto SIR/European Union)

“This G20 is one of the most difficult ones that there have ever been. We are here to engage and to defend the multilateral world order, and we are here to help the G20 solve challenges for the benefit of us all”. Charles Michel, president of the European Council, spoke on behalf of the EU at the Bali summit which is hosting the leaders of the greatest countries of the world, with lots of emergencies to deal with: war in Ukraine and regional instability, food crisis, global economic slowdown, climate and energy, international trade. But issues such as migration, human rights, the Covid-19 pandemic, poverty widespread in many areas of the world cannot be neglected either. “This G20 takes place in a very different world from our meeting last year in Rome. Russia, a permanent member of the UN Security Council and a member of G20, is attacking the free and sovereign nation of Ukraine. Russia’s war impacts us all no matter where we live, from Europe to Africa or the Middle East. And the single best way to end the acute crisis in food and energy is for Russia to end this senseless war and to respect the UN Charter”.

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