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UK: Liz Truss resigns. Enchelmaier (political scientist), “the prime minister and her aides had to come to grips with the real world”

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“Their dream was shattered by reality”, said political scientist Stefan Enchelmaier from the University of Oxford, commenting on the resignation of UK Prime Minister Liz Truss. “The prime minister and her aides were blinded by a right-wing ideology but had to come to grips with the real world. Their financial plan was rejected by markets where figures and credibility are of the essence”, the expert explained. “This was also the case with Brexit, for voters were promised that leaving the EU would fill the state’s coffers and revive the NHS, and that the UK’s political sovereignty would be saved from the threat of a federal Europe”, the expert pointed out. “In fact, the opposite has happened. Brexit fanatics leading the Conservative Party undermined the UK’s financial stability, leaving behind a huge bill that citizens have to pay”.
The expert is optimistic that the Conservative Party, that is still in power in the UK, will be able to recover. “The Tories have appointed a fervent pro-European, Jeremy Hunt, as chancellor of the exchequer, and may decide to appoint Liz Truss’ opponent, Rishi Sunak, as prime minister. With competent and moderate cabinet ministers, the Party still has two years to get back on track before the next general election, although the cost-of-living crisis will be difficult to address”, he concluded.

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