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Digital sovereignty: EU Commission launches Alliances for semiconductors and industrial cloud technologies

The new Alliance for Processors and Semiconductor technologies, and the new European Alliance for Industrial Data, Edge and Cloud will “advance the next generation of microchips and industrial cloud/edge computing technologies and provide the EU with the capabilities needed to strengthen its critical digital infrastructures, products and services”. The news comes from the European Commission who launched these industrial Alliances to bring together businesses, Member State representatives, academia, users, as well as research and technology organisations. “The two Alliances will devise ambitious technological roadmaps to develop and deploy in Europe the next generation of data processing technologies from cloud to edge and cutting-edge semiconductors”, said Commissioner for Internal Market Thierry Breton. The goal is to develop “energy-efficient and highly secured European industrial clouds, which are not subject to control or access by third country authorities” and to ensure the design and production of advanced chips. “Supporting innovation in these critical sectors is therefore crucial and can help Europe leap ahead together with like-minded partners”, EU Commission Executive Vice-President Margrethe Vestager remarked. These Alliances are open for participation by all public and private entities with a legal representative in the Union and with relevant activities, provided they meet the conditions defined in the mandate. In its work, the Alliance, to which 22 EU Member States are currently signatories, will respect certain principles and norms: highest standards in terms of interoperability and portability/reversibility, openness and transparency, as well as data protection, cybersecurity, and data sovereignty; energy efficiency and sustainability; and compliance with European cloud best practices.

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