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Eurostat: Europe, marriages down. Record low in Italy. Divorces on the rise

“The long-term trend in the European Union shows that the number of marriages is decreasing, while the number of divorces is increasing”. This is according to a demographic survey conducted by Eurostat on a European scale. “The marriage rate in the EU has declined from 8.0 per 1,000 persons in 1964 to 4.3 in 2019. At the same time, the divorce rate has more than doubled, increasing from 0.8 per 1,000 persons in 1964 to 1.8 in 2019”. In that year, “the EU countries with the highest number of marriages relative to the population were Cyprus (8.9 marriages per 1,000 persons), Lithuania (7.0), Latvia and Hungary (both 6.7), and Romania (6.6). These were followed by Slovakia (5.4), Denmark and Malta (5.3). In contrast, the lowest marriage rates were around 3 marriages per 1,000 inhabitants, which were reported in Italy (3.1), Portugal and Slovenia (both 3.2), followed by France, Spain, Luxembourg (all 3.5)”. Eurostat points out that “in 2019, among EU Member States, the lowest number of divorces relative to the population was registered in Malta and Ireland (0.7 divorces per 1,000 persons), followed by Slovenia (1.2), Italy (1.4) and Croatia (1.5). By contrast, the highest divorce rates were recorded in Latvia, Lithuania and Luxembourg (all 3.1 divorces per 1,000 persons), Cyprus (2.6) and Sweden (2.5)”.

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