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Council of Europe: digital campaign to fight sexism, root of inequality and violence. Online quiz to find out your attitude

“Sexism: See it. Name it. Stop it” – this is the title of a digital campaign launched by the Council of Europe to emerge from the quagmire of sexism. The Council defines the term as: “Any expression (act, word, image, gesture) based on the idea that some persons, most often women, are inferior because of their sex”. Why should we fight it? Since it is “harmful” and has psychological and even physical consequences for those who are targeted by it. For individual acts of sexism may seem “benign”, but they create a “climate of intimidation, fear and insecurity” leading to “the acceptance of violence, mostly against women and girls”. Also, “sexism lies at the root of gender inequality. It affects women and girls disproportionately” as well as men and boys who do not conform to stereotyped gender roles. And it is “present in all areas of life”. Here are some figures: 63% of women journalists have been confronted with verbal abuse; 80% of women have been confronted with the phenomenon of “mansplaining” and “manterrupting” at work; in the UK, 66% of 16-18-year-old girls experienced or witnessed the use of sexist language at school; and 59% of women in Amsterdam reported some form of street harassment. The Council of Europe’s multilingual website – where a quiz is also available to find out if you are a sexist – is a tool developed after the Council’s adoption of the Recommendation to prevent and combat sexism.

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