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EU: agreement reached on budget 2022, 169.5 billion’s commitments and 170.6 billion’s payments budgeted

Agreement reached on the EU budget 2022: in Brussels last night, Monday 15th November, the EU Parliament and the EU Council informally approved the European Commission’s proposal for the second budget of the EU Multiannual Financial Framework for 2021-2027. Such agreement provides for 169.5 billion’s budgetary commitments and 170.6 billion’s payments. Now, it will have to be formally adopted by the plenary session and by the EU Council’s session. The Commissioner for Budget and Administration, Johannes Hahn, is happy with the result: “The agreement proves that all the institutions are ready to reach compromises in the interest of a budget that will boost sustainable growth and the essential transition of the EU to everyone’s benefit”. Budget items include 49.7 billion euros in support of recovery by stimulating investments in economic, social and geographical cohesion; 53.1 billion will be put into the common agricultural policy, and 971.9 million into fishing and the maritime industry. Research will be allocated (Horizon Europe) 12.2 billion, while 613.5 million will be used to support the single market. The “EU4Health” programme will receive 839.7 million euros; 1.2 billion euros are the funds allocated to transition to carbon neutrality, and 755.5 million as part of the Life programme to support the environment and action for climate; the infrastructure industry has been allocated 2.8 billion euros, while 3.4 billion are for Erasmus+, in addition to the 406 million euros for culture and creativity  (Creative Europe); other budget items include 1.1 billion euros to the “Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund” and 809.3 million to the “Integrated Border Management” fund. 25 million euros from such item will be set aside for the “protection of the Belarus border”. Internal security will need 227.1 million euros, and 945.7 million are expected to be spent for European strategic autonomy and security. Other items include 15.2 billion in support of neighbouring countries and for international development and cooperation.

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