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Pope Francis: to Inspectorate of Vatican Public Security, “fruitful cooperation between Italy and Holy See”

Immediately after the war, “the Romans, and those pilgrims who could reach the capital, would flock in ever increasing numbers to St Peter, also to express their gratitude to Pope Pius XII, who was proclaimed ‘Defensor Civitatis’”. Pope Francis recalled this as he received in audience, in the Paul VI Hall today, the managers and officials of the Inspectorate of the “Vatican” Public Security, in the presence of Italy’s Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese and of Police Chief Franco Gabrielli. “The new State Police Office at the Vatican was thus able to adequately cope with the new needs and to perform an important service for both Italy and the Holy See”, Pope Francis continued: “From the day the Office was set up, which later took on several names until the present one, a path of fruitful cooperation has been established between Italy and the Holy See, and between the Inspectorate and the Vatican bodies charged with ensuring public order and the Pope’s security”. “Although there have been changes in national and international scenarios and security requirements, what has not changed is the spirit in which men and women from the Inspectorate have performed their valuable work”, the Pope said, paying tribute to them.

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