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European Council: Sassoli, “decisions crucial to rebuilding Union in coming decades”

Bruxelles: Sassoli con il presidente francese Macron. Sotto, altre immagini del summit (foto SIR/UE)

“The discussions and decisions we will be called upon to take will be crucial in rebuilding our Union for the decades to come”. This is according to European Parliament President David Sassoli, who took the floor at the opening of the European Council today. The 27, gathered in Brussels, have to take important decisions on the Recovery Plan and the Union’s multiannual budget: both instruments are intended to address the economic crisis generated by the pandemic. “What we want to achieve is clear. The idea of unlimited growth has been put to bed forever. The time has come to decide how and where to grow, in the interests of our citizens and the planet. The pandemic gives us new responsibilities and duties, the responsibility to decide and the duty to do so in the interests of all, not just the few. If this is the background, the decisions on where to invest are clear: the green economy, healthcare, education, digitalisation, and democratic and social rights. Inclusion instead of exclusion. This was the vision outlined when the European Parliament voted in favour of the Commission led by Ursula von der Leyen. Our priorities were already the right ones, and the crisis has now only confirmed that belief”.

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