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France: Mgr. Aupetit (Paris) on controversial revised bioethics bill. “Shameless Government”

“Shamelessly, while our country has just gone through a health crisis that has brought it to its knees, the Government’s priority is to have the bioethics bill passed in the National Assembly”. The Archbishop of Paris, Michel Aupetit, spoke up against the Government’s intention to put to the vote the very controversial revised bioethics law, proposed by Macron, before the summer holidays. The Archbishop stated in Le Figaro newspaper today: voting on the bioethics bill today would be “forcing through, in the discretion of the month of July, this set of laws which affects the very essence of our humanity”. The pandemic has “reminded us of our common vulnerability, the need to return to a certain sobriety, the richness and fragility of family ties, and here comes the Government with its plan to swiftly end the debate on this bill, as if nothing had happened”, Mgr. Aupetit wrote. And “here we are again, engaged in the transformation of the genealogical relationships that structure the person, in the trivialization of human embryos that are selected, analysed and discarded as vulgar consumer goods, in the artificial production of gametes with the sole purpose of feeding the myth of procreation without sex”. Ultimately, it is “the consumer society that fuels the desire of adults time and again, without any considerations for the consequences on future generations”.

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