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EU-Africa: Borrell, “we won’t drop the Sudanese people”. 1.6 billion euros’ international aids

(Brussels) Today, the European Union, Germany and the UN hosted a high-profile virtual conference about the partnership with Sudan. In a joint release, the attendees “confirmed that the international community supports the democratic and economic transition that is taking place in Sudan under the guidance of a civilian-led transitional government”. As well as expressing their political support to the transition, the partners allocated a total of 1.8 billion dollars (1.6 billion euros), including the 770 million euros of grants for development and humanitarian aids put on the table by Team Europe – that is, the EU institutions and the member states of the European Union. 312 billion euros of that amount are the European Commission’s contribution for “assistance to medium- and long-term development, immediate humanitarian aids, and support to stability and peace”. “This is a decisive moment, because – the release says – the coronavirus pandemic has further deteriorated the difficult socioeconomic situation of Sudan”. The High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrell, stated: “History is being written in Sudan: today, supporting the transition is not just a proof of solidarity, it is also a good investment that will turn out to be profitable for Sudan and for the stability and development of the whole region, and will set the example for the world. No transition can be sustainable unless people can effectively and rapidly reap its dividends: that’s why we are taking action today. To the Sudanese people we say clearly that we won’t drop them”.

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