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Brexit: United Kingdom, green light to European goods. Breinlich (Univ. of Surrey), “Johnson will eventually give in to EU demands”

“An important sign to understand that Boris Johnson will eventually give in to the EU’s demands and accept a post-Brexit deal”. This is what Holger Breinlich, professor of economics at the University of Surrey and leading expert on Brexit, says about the news that the UK will not apply tariffs and customs checks to the goods coming from the EU after leaving the Union. The British government justified the decision by saying that additional duties and bureaucracy are of no help at a time when British companies are already struggling to survive the coronavirus crisis. According to Breinlich, “for the first time, Boris Johnson’s government is experiencing first-hand the economic damage of leaving the EU and is showing interest in staying in the single market”. “In December, when the transition period is about to end, a few days before Brexit actually happens, a deal will be struck that will allow Boris Johnson to be seen as victorious at home. But, in fact, he will have accepted the European standards”, Breinlich explains. “A solution may be for the UK to accept EU tariffs on its goods whenever EU labour and environmental laws are violated. It is also very likely that the UK will ask for more time, even though it says it does not need it at present”.

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