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Poland: Wadowice, the process of beatification of Karol Wojtyla’s parents opening on 7th May

“One could feel that John Paul II was deeply convinced that his parents, as well as his brother Edmund, had lived as saints”. It was said by card. Stanisław Dziwisz, just before the opening of the process of beatification of the Polish Pope’s parents: Emilia née Kaczorowska Wojtyła (1884-1929) and Karol Wojtyła (1879-1941). On a diocesan level, the process will be solemnly opened in Wadowice on 7th May, ten days before the 100th anniversary of the future Pontiff’s birth. Having been given approval by the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, the archdiocese of Krakow chose mgr. Sławomir Oder as its postulator, who already acted in that capacity in the process of beatification and canonisation of John Paul II. Mgr. Marek Jędraszewski, archbishop of Krakow, will be the chief judge of the ecclesiastical court and at the sessions will be represented by the diocesan canonisation officer, don Andrzej Scąber, while the position of Promoter of Justice has been entrusted to the chancellor of the Metropolitan Curia of Krakow, don Tomasz Szopa.

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