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Coronavirus Covid-19: England and Wales, guidelines for Holy Week. Streamed liturgies and foot washing at home

Foot washing at home to celebrate Maundy Thursday, the eyes fixed on the Paschal candle that will replace the fire of the Holy Saturday vigil. No palms handed out or even left out of the church for the devotees, as some parish priests would have liked to do. These are some of the guidelines provided by the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales for Holy Week, explained to the British press on conference call by the Benedictine monk Paul Gunter, secretary of the Department for Liturgy. “We have no idea when the restrictions we have put in place will be lifted – explained the priest, who is also in charge of the parish church of Our Lady and St Joseph in Alcester, Central England -. In Great Britain, the infections have not peaked yet, so it is important that we follow all the guidelines for the lockdown laid down by the British government on 23rd March”. The Catholic priests of England and Wales will celebrate behind closed doors, as instructed by the Vatican decree for Holy Week, even if the services and Masses will be streamed. “The Catholics’ joy will be the same as any other year, only it will be felt at home, connected to their streaming devices, even with the rites officiated by Pope Francis – don Gunter stated -. Of course, this unusual experience we are having has

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