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UK-EU: Keating (political scientist), “every country in the world depends on others. Johnson’s proposal driven by nationalism”

(London) “The UK’s proposal for the start of negotiations with the EU has nothing to do with the economy and is driven by a nationalist, eurosceptic ideology that can lead nowhere because every country in the world depends on others”. Michael Keating (pictured) is a professor of politics at the Universities of Aberdeen and Edinburgh, a political scientist, a Europhile, and the author of the book “Rescaling the European State”. In an interview with SIR news agency, he spoke of Boris Johnson’s negotiating strategy laid out in the document entitled “The Future Relationship with the EU. The UK’s Approach to Negotiations”, published yesterday on the website of the British Government (
“There will either be no trade agreement between the UK and the EU or there will be a very limited treaty with the application of World Trade Organization tariffs and other existing regulations to avoid chaos”. This, according to the expert, will be the outcome of the negotiations starting on 2 March. “The UK wants full access to the single market without compliance with the rules”, Keating went on to say. “But how can the EU abolish all tariffs on manufacturing products and grant access to services without protecting itself by demanding compliance with EU rules?”.

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