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Denmark: Church tax, a “discount” for youths to help them “take on responsibility for their own Church”

Catholics in Denmark pay a tax equal to 1% of their revenue to the Church. Young people aged 18 to 30 will now be eligible for a rebate on this tax, until their 30th anniversary. “It may not be pleasant for young people to start paying this fixed tax”, Vicar General Niels Engelbrecht explained. “In cooperation with the Danish Catholic youth, we have developed a targeted campaign” aimed at young people “that should help this generation take on responsibility for their own Church”. The initiative, which will soon be promoted through an information campaign, was developed in cooperation with the Danish Young Catholics Association (DUK). It will run for one year and then be evaluated. According to the new rules, workers under 25 will pay a lump sum of 50 crowns (about 6 euros) a month; and over the following five years, their contribution will increase by 25 crowns. “We are pleased that young people are willing to do something so specific for the Church”, said Engelbrecht, announcing that over the next few months, the Church intends to “pay even more attention to young people and their visions for a vibrant and strong Church”. “As a member of the DUK Council – Lea Noval said -, I hope that young people will take on responsibility and that there will be a surprising increase in the number of new young taxpayers”.

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