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EU commission: trying to “act effectively” against violence escalating in Iran, Iraq and Libya

Ursula von der Leyen e Josep Borrell Fontelles

(Brussels) Trying to “act as effectively as possible” is the concern of the European Commission, in this scenario of crisis, looking to violence escalating in Iran, Iraq and Libya: in Brussels this morning, the College of Commissioners gathered under the presidency of Ursula von der Leyen, who then met the press. “Use of weapons must be stopped now to make room for dialogue”, the president of the EU commission urged, determined to “do all we can to resume talks”. The College of Commissioners, as reported later by the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, worked out a schedule of meetings and contacts “with players in the region and beyond”, since “the circumstances are extremely worrying”, Borrell pointed out, speaking of the attack on the military bases of the coalition forces: “What has been done over the last few years to create an anti-Daesh coalition is in danger”. Now, a special meeting with the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the 28 EU member states will be held in Brussels on Friday; along with contacts with Russia and China as part of the Iran Nuclear Agreement. Borrell, who is the coordinator and facilitator of the Agreement, also invited the Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mohammad Javad Zarif, to Brussels to discuss it again. To the press, the High Representative repeated what he had already reported yesterday afternoon after the meeting with the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of France, Germany, Italy and Great Britain about Libya, i.e. supporting the Berlin Process, asking to stop the escalation, establish an embargo on UN weapons, and end the external interference that has increased in the last few days. Today, Iraq will be discussed by Ursula von der Leyen, who will be flying to London to meet Boris Johnson.

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