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UK: Labour Party looking for new leader. Mr Fielding (Nottingham Univ.) “Keir Starmer favourite”

“The new Labour leader will be elected on 4 April and the leadership selection process will be very similar to the one that in 2016 elected Jeremy Corbyn, who is to step down. The Party’s Executive Committee deemed it better not to change the rules”. In an interview with SIR news agency, Steven Fielding, Professor of Political History at the University of Nottingham, specialising in the Labour Party, commented on the decision by the Committee leading the Labour Party not to change the leadership election process. “Six candidates have announced their intention to stand, including Sir Keir Starmer, the favourite to win the race, and Rebecca Long Bailey, close to the Corbynists. They will need the support of at least 22 MPs and MEPs, as well as the backing of at least 5% of Constituency Labour Parties or three affiliated bodies”, the expert explained. “Voting will start on 21 February and will end on 2 April. The winner, who will be announced on 4 April, will need to gain 50% plus one vote from new members and affiliated supporters. According to Mr Fielding, Jeremy Corbyn’s “allies” are extremely divided, which is why it took days before Rebecca Long Bailey, who champions Corbynism, announced she would stand. “At this very time, according to the leading polling agency YouGov, Sir Keir Starmer is predicted to win”, the expert concluded. “Although he has never supported Jeremy Corbyn, he has, up to now, tried not to alienate the Corbynist wing of the party”.

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