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Brexit: the United Kingdom gets ready to say farewell to the European Union. Street parties, official speeches and prayers

(London) Dressed up as Theresa May or David Cameron, or even as Jean-Claude Juncker or Ursula von der Leyen, Brexit supporters will be dancing in Parliament Square, in London, the night of January 31st. At 11.00 pm (00:00 am Italian time, the United Kingdom will be leaving the European Union, and the celebrations have been organised by Nigel Farage, the politician who has strived the most to divorce the European Union. The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, will have to give an official speech to the nation, also in the evening. According to the Conservative newspaper the “Daily Telegraph”, celebrations will be held all over the United Kingdom, from Yorkshire to Cheshire, to Essex. Some Anglican churches will be open to “pray for the future of the United Kingdom, without taking position for or against Brexit”. These words were said by reverend Martin Batchelor, who launched the initiative in his parish in Bistre Emmanuel, Flintshire, northern England. Starting at 10:00 pm, local time, a clock will be projected in Downing Street for the countdown. “At least, we have been spared the bell of the Big Ben that is still being restored”, Lord Heseltine commented. The pro-European conservative politician accused the Prime Minister of triumphalism against that 48% of British citizens who voted to stay in the EU. A 50p coin, equivalent to half a pound, with the words “Peace, prosperity and friendship with all nations” on it, has been minted for the occasion.

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