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Slovakia: anti-abortion help project serving as “family glue”

The lives of 19 babies, whose mothers had considered abortion due to a critical financial situation, were saved in 2019, thanks to the project Let’s Save Lives. Launched by the non-governmental organization Forum for Life, the programme celebrates its 12th anniversary and has so far helped 178 women. “Our primary aim was to support expecting mothers who did not see any other way out of their situation but artificial abortion. Thanks to our network of collaborators, volunteers and donors, we have managed to save the lives of 165 children. Most of them remained with their family, while the rest were placed in new adoptive families”, says Mária Demeterová, founder and coordinator of the project. According to Marcela Dobešová, president of Forum for Life, this social programme has developed to have a much wider impact: “Donors actually protect two lives – the baby’s and the mother’s. And what is more, in many cases it serves as a kind of family glue. We have witnessed families getting stronger thanks to the generosity of all parties involved”. According to Demeterová, there are very few truly unsolvable situations and the crisis is often temporary: “If a helping hand is offered in time, a seemingly desperate future may be turned into the prospect of a decent life.“ Let’s Save Lives distributes 100% of the money received from donors among women and mothers with children in need. For more information:

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