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Fatemeh Rezaei, 11, died of poisoning. Azar Karimi: “UN, shed light and take a stand”

“An 11-year-old girl named Fatemeh Rezaei has lost her life as a result of the barbaric poisonings” that have been ongoing in Iran, primarily targeting the country's female population since the killing of Mahsa Amini. Azar Karimi, representative of the Iranian Youth Association in Italy, is speaking out against these heinous acts and calling on the UN Women's Commission to shed light on what is happening and take a clear stance against it


“Bad news. We have learned from a reliable Iranian source of the death of an 11-year-old girl named Fatemeh Rezaei who died as a result of these barbaric regime poisonings.” Gas poisonings primarily targeting girls and even girls’ schools have been ongoing in Iran since almost immediately after the killing of Mahsa Amini. Sadly, there are now also the first victims of these attacks. Azar Karimi, representative of the Iranian Youth Association in Italy, is reporting this situation. According to Karimi, “The regime is indiscriminate in targeting all ages, genders, and even schools. The concept remains the same in these poisonings.”

Already 400 girls have been intoxicated and have ended up in the hospital.

The first reports began circulating in February but “sadly, we have information that this has been going on for some time,” Azar says, “and unfortunately it is happening in many cities across the country, from Qom to Tehran.” On Saturday, February 25, the Iranian News Agency reported that four female students were taken to medical centers due to gas poisoning. These gases are injected into the air ducts of schools to poison the girls. Among the symptoms of intoxication are nausea, headache, cough, pain and numbness in the arms and legs. Sadly, there is now an 11-year-old victim of these poisonings. In addition, “parents who protest against these attacks and seek justice are also being arrested, forcefully put into police cars, and taken to police stations.”

The Iranian president, Ebrahim Raisi, has instructed the Minister of Interior, Ahmad Vahidi, to conduct a thorough investigation to discover the causes of the mysterious wave of intoxications of hundreds of female students in different cities including Tehran, “as soon as possible”. This was reported by the Press TV website, which stated that Raisi has requested the results of the investigation to be reported quickly to “alleviate the concerns of affected families”. Azar Karimi immediately responded: “It is a way,” he said, “to show the West and the international community that the regime knows nothing about these poisonings, but the Health Minister has declared that these intoxications were done to prevent girls from participating in demonstrations. The concept always leads to the same principle: everything is done to intimidate girls and prevent them from participating in protests that demand the overthrow of the Iranian regime.”


So women and girls’ schools are being targeted. Why? “Because it’s a misogynistic regime whose main enemy is women,” Azar replies.

“It’s a regime that has declared a real war against the female gender because it knew that one day it would collapse by the hands of women.”

Despite the regime’s restrictions and resistance, women are at the forefront of Iranian protests. “In these long 43 years, women in Iran have suffered the worst repressions. Today, they are not afraid and have nothing to lose. They are also highly emancipated women. In recent months, the regime has tried to make the West believe that these are protests without leaders and without any orientation, but at the base there are resistance cells led by women who have studied, work, and know exactly what they want.”

“Our appeal to the international community is first and foremost to shed light on the poisoning of the Iranian girls,” says Azar Karimi. “We want the UN Women’s Commission to shed light on what is happening and take a clear position. This series of poisonings represents a very serious action, the likes of which has never been seen in the last decades. And it is also very serious that we have yet to hear about it in the mainstream media and news in Italy. We would like the UN Women’s Commission. And the other request is to support the women and people of Iran in their struggle to overthrow the regime. The people are fighting with their bare hands, risking their lives for a better future.”

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