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Poland: a new Catholic social platform. “We would like to show the world that the Gospel is for everyone”.

“A passion for working for Jesus and the courage to entrust such work to Him”: this is what inspires the developers of a new social platform, “The number of our users is growing very quickly”, states the promoter of the initiative, father Artur Potrapeluk, president of the national Renewal in the Holy Spirit movement. “We are not competing with the big ones, such as FB. And we are not even saying we give users something better, because the other platforms are bad. We simply wanted to create a space in which believers may strengthen their faith by sharing it with other people, and provide people with effective tools to do just that”, the priest explains. Father Potrapeluk is sure that nowadays it is the big multinationals that shape people’s consciences all over the world by building “a new culture”. “Such culture imposes secular holidays and encourages behaviours that are against the Gospel”, he states. “We don’t want to have millions of users but we would like to start creating valuable contents, while showing the world that the Gospel is for everyone and can be attractively presented”, he adds, pointing out that “building the unity of the Church from the inside and promoting Catholic contents” is “the mission” of the new Polish social platform.

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