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United Kingdom: bills of law about abortion at 28 week and by mail have been turned down. Lord Alton to SIR, “laws in support of vulnerable women with unplanned pregnancies”

“I am glad that the attempt made by pro-abortion politicians and abortion clinics to enact, in England and Wales, Europe’s most liberal legislation about termination of pregnancy has been stopped”. With these words, Lord Alton, a Catholic voice that is influential in the United Kingdom, who has made battles for human rights and against abortion and euthanasia his reason d’etre, welcomes the victory of the Catholic Church and the pro-life movement in the British Parliament. An amendment to the domestic violence legislation that would have increased the limit for abortion to 28 weeks was actually rejected. Diana Johnson, the MP who had put it forward, then decided to also withdraw a second amendment that provided women with medical abortion by mail while removing the ten-week limit. Lord Alton points out that, if such second article had been passed, “hundreds of women would have been left at the mercy of violent partners, potential victims of further abuse, in a situation that is the opposite of the purposes pursued by the domestic violence legislation”. “Instead of letting the influential chains of abortion clinics increase the number of terminations, the MPs should pass new laws to support vulnerable women with unplanned pregnancies”, he concludes.

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