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Pope in Mauritius: Mass in Port Louis, no to “temptation to lose our enthusiasm for evangelization by taking refuge in worldly securities”

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“What must one do to be a good Christian?”. “The answer is clear. We have to do, each in our own way, what Jesus told us in the Sermon on the Mount”. Pope Francis recalled this in the homily of the Mass celebrated at the Monument to Mary Queen of Peace, in his first public speech of the day in Mauritius. Welcomed by joyful, palm-waving crowds in Port Louis, the capital of the country, Pope Francis cited the “apostle of Mauritian unity”, Blessed Jacques-Désiré Laval, “so greatly venerated in these lands”, whose relics are on the altar today. “Love for Christ and for the poor so marked his life that he could not conceive of an aloof and sanitized preaching of the Gospel”, the Pontiff said, praising he whom all Mauritians, not only Christians, regard as their father and whose liturgical memorial is celebrated today: “He knew that evangelization entails becoming all things to all people, and so he learned the language of the recently freed slaves and taught them the Good News of salvation in simple language. He was able to gather the faithful, to train them for mission and to establish small Christian communities in the neighbourhoods, towns and nearby villages: small communities, many of which gave rise to present-day parishes”. “His pastoral solicitude earned the trust of the poor and outcast, and made them the first to come together and find responses to their sufferings”, the Holy Father continued: “Through his missionary outreach and his love, Father Laval gave to the Mauritian Church a new youth, a new life, that today we are asked to carry forward. We need to foster this missionary momentum, because it can happen that, as the Church of Christ, we can yield to the temptation to lose our enthusiasm for evangelization by taking refuge in worldly securities that slowly but surely not only affect the mission but actually hamper it and prevent it from drawing people together”.


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