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Pope in Mozambique: meeting with clergy, “the Church’s vocation is to evangelize, not to proselytize”.

“At times we can be overly fearful”. But if we allow fear to prevail, the danger for the Church is sterile “stagnation”. This is according to Pope Francis, who addressed the clergy in the cathedral of Maputo on his first day in Mozambique, in his third and last public speech of the day, saying that “the Church in Mozambique is invited to be the Church of the Visitation”: “It cannot be part of the problem of rivalry, disrespect, and division that pits some against others, but instead a door to solutions, a space where respect, interchange, and dialogue are possible”. Indeed, the Pope condemned “this persistent tendency of ours for fragmentation, for separating rather than uniting”. The solution, once again, is the “culture of encounter”, which is the necessary condition for “progress in building a people in peace, justice, and fraternity”, and for “the development of life in society and the building of a people where differences are harmonized within a shared pursuit”. “Just as Mary journeyed to the house of Elizabeth – the Holy Father noted -, we too, as a Church, have to find the road to take in the face of new problems, taking care not to remain paralyzed by the mindset of opposition, division, and condemnation”. “The vocation of the Church is to evangelize, not to proselytize”, he added off the cuff: “Proselytism has nothing to do with evangelization, it is not Christian to proselytize”.

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