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United Kingdom: Johnson defeated, England heading for election? The Brexit battle on the British headlines

“Screamed” headlines stand out on today’s British newspapers, often on a full page, with Boris Johnson angrily pointing his finger at Parliament or dejectedly admitting defeat. “The Prime Minister loses a historic vote”, writes the “Times”, explaining that the Prime Minister has his hands tied after yesterday’s rebellion of the 21 Tories, who voted with the Labour MPs to stop Johnson, who wants a clear break from the other 27 European countries on 31st October. What is left to him is the general election, as previewed by the “Daily Mail” tabloid, that, despite being Conservative is against Brexit and writes on its headlines, “Now you decide, Britain”. An alternative and deeply anti-European point of view comes from another tabloid, the “Daily Express”, which writes, also on a full page, “Parliament surrenders to the European Union”, looking at yesterday’s vote as at the UK’s giving in to Europe. Both the ”I” and the “Daily Mirror” speak of the Prime Minister “losing control”, while the “Guardian”, a Liberal newspaper, uses the word “humiliation”. This is how it views the fact that the Prime Minister has been defeated in his strategy by the members of his own Party. For a more detached, and maybe more objective, point of view, we should look at the BBC website, which looks ahead. “PM in new Brexit battle”, the British TV writes.

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