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Brexit: no-deal scenario, Commission’s guidelines on Ireland and EU budget. “London must honour its obligations”

There are two other sensitive chapters that remain open in the event of a “no-deal” Brexit, as outlined by the European Commission ahead of 31 October – Ireland and the EU budget. “The Commission and Ireland continue working together, in the context of the unique situation on the island of Ireland and their twin objectives of protecting the integrity of the internal market while avoiding a hard border, to identify arrangements both for contingency solutions for the immediate aftermath of a withdrawal without an agreement and for a more stable solution for the period thereafter. The backstop provided for by the Withdrawal Agreement is the only solution identified that safeguards the Good Friday Agreement, ensures compliance with international law obligations and preserves the integrity of the internal market”. As regards the budget, London must honour “the financial obligations the UK has made as a Member State”, amounting to about €40 billion. The Communication issued in Brussels specifies that “the UK and UK beneficiaries would remain eligible to participate in programmes under the EU budget and to receive financing until the end of 2020 if the UK accepts and fulfils the conditions already set out in the 2019 contingency Regulation, pays its budget contributions for 2020 and allows the required audits and controls to take place”.

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