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Climate change: German Bishops’ letter to UN summit. “One of the most pressing issues facing humanity”

The German Bishops’ Conference (DBK), that is holding its autumn plenary assembly in Fulda, has addressed a letter to the participants in the UN summit on climate action and sustainability at the Glass Palace in New York. Signed by the DBK President, Card. Reinhard Marx, the letter voices the commitment and hopes of German Catholics, who have always been committed to the protection of Creation: “We believe that – besides all debates within the Church – climate, climate justice, and the preservation of Creation are one of the most pressing issues facing humanity”. The Letter recalls that “over the last months and years, we, German Catholic Bishops, together with many faithful, have repeatedly addressed issues related to climate and environmental protection. We do this because, as Christians, we believe that God created the world and entrusted it to man. Which is why we have a clear mission to preserve Creation”. In their letter, the Bishops recall Pope Francis’ strong call to action and the upcoming Synod for the Amazon, making an appeal to UN summit participants: “Help us to give humanity reasonable hope that Creation is not lost. Take over responsibility for the protection of Creation. The clock is ticking. Time flies, but we still have the power and opportunity to change things”. Indeed, “we can no longer postpone our commitment to global climate and the preservation of Creation”.

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