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EU Parliament: Eurobarometer about European election. “Turnout has grown, driven by young people”

(Brussels) “The high turnout at the European election of 2019 has been driven by a rise in the involvement of young people”: this has been found by a survey conducted by Eurobarometer, commissioned by the European Parliament in June and disclosed in Brussels earlier today. The results of Eurobarometer’s post-election survey show that “the rise in voter turnout has been mainly due to the young generations all across the European Union. In particular, more young citizens under 25 years of age (+14 per cent more than in 2014) and 25-39 year olds (+12 per cent more than in 2014) went to vote than in the past”. The turnout at the European election was 50.6%, the highest since 1994. “19 member states have recorded a rise in voter turnout compared with 2014, especially Poland, Romania, Spain, Austria, Hungary and Germany, as well as Slovakia and the Czech Republic, where voter turnout is traditionally very low”. In the meantime, the turnout has decreased in eight countries, even if by less than 3 per cent. David Sassoli, president of the new EU Parliament, comments: “Such a significant rise in the participation in last May’s European election shows that the citizens, especially the young generations, appreciate their democratic rights and believe that the European Union is stronger when it joins its forces to respond to their concerns”.

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