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Fridays for future: Irish bishops join young people in climate strike

The Irish bishops are on the side of young people, and some of them, members of the Council for Justice and Peace of the Irish Bishops’ Conference, are in the streets today to take part in the global climate strike. “I support this rally organised by young people and by all environment lovers, to proactively emphasise the vulnerability of our fragile ecosystem. I praise their example of leadership, to protect our future generations”, Bishop Alan McGuckian, president of the Bishops’ Council for Justice and Peace. The prelate is also with young people today “to ask for a dramatic ecological conversion” and “raise our voice for our brothers and sisters in the poorer areas of our world who already feel the devastating effects of climate change”. “In any place we call home – he added –, living responsibly and sustainably, always with our neighbours in mind, is an immediate priority”.


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