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EU Parliament: three resolutions on violations of human rights and freedoms in Iran, Turkey and Myanmar

(Strasbourg) The European Parliament “calls on the Iranian authorities to unconditionally release women’s rights defenders protesting against the compulsory wearing of the hijab, as well as all other human rights defenders imprisoned and sentenced for simply exercising their rights to freedom of expression”. The European Parliament in Strasbourg points the finger at Teheran for human rights violations and “praises and supports the Iranian women” who “keep on defending human rights despite the difficulties and personal repercussions they are facing”. The resolution adopted by MEPs “urges the Iranian authorities to cooperate with EU Member State embassies in Tehran in order to enable the establishment of a comprehensive list of EU-Iranian dual nationals currently being detained in Iranian prisons, and to closely monitor each individual case”. Another resolution is about the situation in Ankara. MEPs lament the “ongoing deterioration” of “the rule of law in Turkey” and condemn the recent “decision by the Turkish authorities to remove democratically elected mayors from office on the basis of questionable evidence” and “alleged links to terrorism” in the cities of Diyarbakir, Van and Mardin. A third resolution was passed concerning Myanmar. MEPs reiterate their “strong condemnation of all past and present human rights violations”, which according to the UN amount to “genocide and crimes against humanity”, perpetrated by the “armed forces of Myanmar against the country’s minority Rohingya population”.

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