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EU: European Mobility Week about “Walk With Us!”. Adding physical exercise to daily life

(Brussels) Today marks the start of the “European Mobility Week”, a moment spent raising people’s awareness of public health and quality of life by promoting clean mobility and sustainable urban transport. “Walk With Us!” is the theme chosen for this XVII Week, which focuses on the benefits of “active mobility, such as walking or cycling”, because they are a chance to “add physical exercise to our daily life”, are a way “to save money”, and help improve air quality in our cities, the organisers explain. Over 2,800 European cities have joined in, and about 2,200 initiatives are posted on the website of the campaign. A “guidebook” to best practices is also available to tell how some European cities stood out in 2018 for their efforts in promoting the use of bikes and sustainable transport in general: Lisbon, Gdynia in Poland, Karditsa in Greece are some the cases described therein. There are companies, NGOs, associations that have worked to create an alternative mobility culture among their partners or employees.

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