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EU Parliament: Sassoli new president. “We are Europeans also because we love our countries”

foto SIR/Marco Calvarese

(Strasbourg) “We are not accidental in history, we are the children and grandchildren of those who managed to find an antidote to the nationalist degeneration which has poisoned our history. We are Europeans also because we love our countries. However, when nationalism becomes ideology and idolatry, it produces viruses that fuel a sense of superiority and cause destructive conflicts”. In his acceptance speech after his election as the new president of the European Parliament, David Sassoli recalled “our history marked by suffering”, the same suffering that many European citizens have experienced, a history marked by a “desire for brotherhood, the same desire that is reaffirmed whenever our moral conscience persuades us not to renounce our humanity and obedience cannot be considered a virtues”. Speaking about the tasks awaiting the new Parliament, Mr Sassoli mentioned “strengthening the Parliament’s capacity to play a leading role in a fully-fledged European democracy” and the need for “Europe to do better in the social area and the protection of people”. Addressing the “ladies and gentlemen of the European Council”, he said it was “time to discuss the reform of the Dublin Regulation which this House, by an overwhelming majority, has put forward in the previous term”; and speaking about the environment, he said the institutions “should feel a duty to respond more courageously to the demands of our young people” to save the planet.
Then a greeting to the Heads of State or Government of the 28 EU Member States and pro-Brexit MEPs, in this “political transition that should be brought forward with common sense, in dialogue and friendship, while always respecting rules and the respective views”; and a greeting also to those countries which have applied for EU membership. Europe, he concluded, has still much to say, if “we are able to put the political debate at the service of our citizens, and if Parliament listens to their desires, fears and needs” with “heart and ambition”.

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