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Mexico: the bishops about migrants, “dignity of people sold out for a plate of lentils”, the government “bowed to US impositions”

The dignity of migrants, as people and God’s children, has been “sold out for a plate of lentils”. Mexico, “which does not have an effective migratory policy of its own, bowed to the criteria and impositions of the US Government, accepting the inconsistency of mixing business with human rights and the need to migrate, looking for the opportunity of a better life”.

This is the hard accusation made to the Mexican government by the Mexican Bishops’ Conference (Cem), in a message called “Migrants’ dignity”, signed by mgr. José Guadalupe Torres Campos, Human Mobility director and bishop of Ciudad Juárez, and by the general secretary, mgr. Alfonso Miranda Guardiola, auxiliary bishop of Monterrey.

The message goes on to mention Pope Francis’s exhortation to accept, protect, promote and include: “A wall does not only protect, it also isolates people from meeting each other; raising a wall means letting us be gripped with fear and uncertainty. Walls are not only built with stones and bricks, they are also built through negative attitudes, such as deploying thousands of National Guard agents at the borders”. A wall “does not address the roots and real causes of the migratory phenomenon. The fight against poverty and inequality, in Mexico and in Central America, seems to have been replaced with the fear of others, who are our brothers”.

The Mexican bishops insist: “The dignity and sovereignty of our nation, as well as the dignity and the human rights of the migrants, come before any negotiation. The Church and society have always supported the ‘non criminalisation’ of migrants and human rights defenders, who fight for human dignity, against the trends and with major risks for their own safety and their own lives”.

Therefore, even if aware “of the legitimacy and need to prevent duties being levied on Mexican goods”, the Church believes that this cannot happen despite the national sovereignty, the dignity and the respect of the human rights of migrants, solidarity among peoples, and work for the common good of the countries”.

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