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El Salvador: Bishops’ message, “worried about the situation of migrant fellow countrymen and children separated from their parents”

“We are worried about the extremely serious situation that hundreds of thousands of our fellow countrymen are living in, in the United States. We are mainly thinking of those who risk being expelled and those who are at the border in deplorable conditions”. This was written by the Bishops Conference of El Salvador (Cedes) in a message issued yesterday by mgr. José Luis Escobal Alas, archbishop of San Salvador and president of Cedes, at a press conference. The text, signed by all of the country’s bishops, is called “Migrants are human beings, first”, and at first it refers to the photo of the little Salvadoran girl, Valeria, and her father, Oscar, who died together in Rio Bravo, at the border between Mexico and the United States. The bishops are actually worried about the situation of lots of their fellow countrymen and above all the children “who, in the detention centres, suffer any kind of ill-treatment and especially being separated from their parents. A situation that can cause irreparable psychological damage”. Salvadoran bishops also look at the causes of migration and the situation of their country: “We wish the families may become stronger and may accomplish their dreams and plans here. To those who live far from their country, we ask not to forget their roots, to preserve their spiritual values and their faith in the God of life and peace”.

As the new president of the Republic, Nayib Bukele, starts his mandate, the wish is that “the promises made in support of the more vulnerable population” will turn into facts. In addition, the message states that, “to solve the very serious problem of forced migration, its causes need to be fought head on, among which we emphasise: violence, the lack of opportunities, and corruption, which has had a very serious impact in diverting to unspeakable purposes the resources that should have been used to improve the situation of many fellow countrymen who live in extreme poverty”.

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