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EU Parliament: the “figure” of Magid, the lunar landing, and EP events in the MEPs’ magazine

(Strasbourg) There is a magazine (and a website) called The Parliament Magazine, written by “MEPs for MEPs”, providing news, views and analysis on what is happening in the EU institutions. The fortnightly magazine is delivered to MEPs free of charge, and the latest issue was published coinciding with the plenary session in Strasbourg (15-18 July). Among the news stories, in addition to coverage of the days preceding the election of the new president of the European Commission, is the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, and “vaccine hesitancy” which is seen as “one of the ten biggest threats to global health”, with social media, populism and fake news sowing “doubts and fears”. There is also an article about autonomous driving cars, which could soon become a reality, and another on the Finnish presidency. The cover and the interview are dedicated to Magid Magid, the newly elected British Green MEP who embodies “everything anti-immigration politicians such as Matteo Salvini or Viktor Orbán fear and despise”. The interview tells the story of this 30-year-old man born in Somaliland, who graduated in aquatic zoology and is a “black Muslim refugee”, as he likes to describe himself. He entered local politics because he was “tired of complaining and had enough of asking the wrong people to do the right thing”. His three main goals as a MEP are: one, to stop Brexit; two, to “dismantle the EU and rebuild it” to “make sure it’s fit for purpose and ready to tackle the urgent issues and burning injustices of our time”; and three, to “smash the far right”.

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