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Vincent Lambert: mgr. Ginoux (Montauban), “this death is outrageous because it disavows the life that exists”

“This is the end of his ordeal”: this is how the bishop of Montauban, mgr. Bernard Ginoux, reacts over the phone a few minutes after learning that Vincent Lambert died this morning. “This death is outrageous, because it disavows the life that exists”, the bishop, who has a long experience as a hospital chaplain behind him, says to SIR. “Vincent Lambert was alive, he had no support to stay alive, except nutrition and hydration, that is, the things we all need”, mgr. Ginoux goes on to explain. “Of course, they did it through a cannula, because they didn’t know exactly if he could normally swallow”. But the truly “abnormal” thing is that “since 2013 nobody had taken care of him, while he should have been taken to a centre specialising in this kind of people who have an altered perception but who are still conscious”. The bishop goes on to tell that “Lambert was sometimes awake and sometimes sleepy, he followed with his eyes. And this is also shown by the fact he took ten days to die: there was a vital force in him, something his parents tried to emphasise”.

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