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Economy: Eurobarometer, the single currency viewed by the countries that do not have it. 49% in favour of the euro

(Brussels) 56% of the citizens of EU countries that have not yet adopted the euro (Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Sweden) think that the common currency has had a positive impact in those countries that are using it, although only 49% of them are in favour of introducing it in their own country, that is, -2 percentage points since 2018. This is according to the latest flash Eurobarometer survey, carried out in April and released today, that interviewed some 7.000 respondents by phone. Those most in favour of the single currency are the citizens of Hungary (70%), Romania (62%), Poland (54%), and Bulgaria (53%); a bit less favourable are the citizens of Sweden (44%), the Czech Republic (49%), and Croatia (48%). As for the introduction of the euro in their own country, those most in favour are again the citizens of Hungary (66%), Romania (61%) and Croatia (49%), while 60% of respondents, the majority, are opposed to it in the Czech Republic and Sweden, 51% in Poland and 48% in Bulgaria. Compared to last year, the number of those in favour of the euro was up 7 percentage points in Hungary and down 8 percentage points in Romania. Nevertheless, 47% of them (vs 43%) believe the adoption of the euro would have positive consequences for them personally; and that their country would benefit (45%). The percentage, however, is higher in Hungary (56%) and Romania (52%).

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