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Drugs: EU Report. Illicit substances, record numbers. Avramopoulos, “constantly evolving threat”

Il commissario Dimitris Avramopoulos commenta i dati della relazione annuale Ue sulla droga

(Brussels) “Drugs remain a constantly evolving, multi-faceted threat to our societies, affecting the life of millions of citizens around the world”. It is a “complex” phenomenon which demands “a more coordinated approach that tackles both supply and demand”. European Commissioner for Home Affairs, Dimitris Avramopoulos, presents and explains the new “European Drug Report 2019: Trends and Developments”, published by the Lisbon-based EU Drugs Agency. The Commissioner said: “Our efforts are bearing fruit with our new rules to ban psychoactive substances and our enhanced cooperation with international partners. But we also need to look at the role of digitalisation in the drug market”. The report points to old and new challenges in the field, criticising a widespread and generalised “increase in cocaine availability”, as shown by “record seizures” of the drug. The extensive report by the EU agency shows that in the EU28 (plus Norway and Turkey) over 1 million seizures of illicit drugs are reported annually. Furthermore, according to the Agency, “around 96 million adults in the EU (15–64 years) have tried an illicit drug in their lifetime”. And “an estimated 1.2 million people receive treatment each year for illicit drug use”. In 2018, the report reads, “55 new psychoactive substances were detected in the EU for the first time, bringing the total number monitored by the agency to 730”.

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