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Eurostat: EU citizens, 1.3 billion trips in a year. Over 6 billion overnight stays. Car first means of transport

(Brussels) Europeans are great travellers: as the statistical office of the EU, Eurostat, confirms today, EU residents made 1.3 billion trips in 2017, with overnight stays that amounted to almost 6.4 billion nights (an average of 5.1 nights per stay). Tourism trips were up by 4% compared with 2016. 73% of all trips were made within the country of residence, while 27% were abroad (of which 21% to other EU countries and 6% to non-EU countries). Europeans travelled predominantly by car (64%), plane (17%), train (11%), bus (6%) and ship (2%). Cars were the main means of transport for travellers from Slovenia (85% of trips), Portugal (80%), Czechia (79%), Spain and Bulgaria (both 77%); they were used the least by the residents of Luxembourg and Cyprus (both 48%) and Ireland (49%). Airplanes were the main means of transport for tourists from Malta (63%), Cyprus (49%), Ireland (43%) – three islands – and Luxembourg (42%). The most frequent users of sustainable means of transport for their trips (particularly trains) were the French (15%) and the Germans (14%). As for Italy, 58% of Italians travelled by car, 20% by plane, and 13% by train.

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