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Eurostat: about 15 million young Europeans are “NEETs” in 2018. Worst rates recorded in Italy

(Brussels) Around 15 million young people aged 20 to 34 were neither in employment nor in education and training (the so-called NEETs) in Europe in 2018. This accounts for one in six young people, that is, 16.5% of the youth population. This is according to the latest figures released by Eurostat today, which provide a grim picture of the situation by country: Italy has the worst record, with the highest NEET rate (28.9%), followed by Greece (26.8%), Bulgaria (20.9%), Romania (20.6%), Slovakia (20%) and Spain (19.6%). Other countries with rates higher than the EU average are Croatia, France, Cyprus and Hungary, while the best performing countries are Sweden, with a NEET rate of only 8%, the Netherlands (8.4%), Luxembourg and Malta (around 10%), Austria and Denmark (between 10 and 11%). Another reason for concern in the already difficult situation of youth is the NEET rate for women aged 20 to 34, which was 20.9% in 2018, compared with 12.2% for 20-34 year old men. In Italy, the figures by gender show that 34.2% of young women were not in education, employment or training last year compared with 23.8% of young men.

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