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Pope Francis: audience, “if you are selfish, you are not Christian, you are worldly”. “The Church also shares bread with others”. “Visit the sick”

(Foto Vatican Media/SIR)

“Unlike human society, where there is a tendency to pursue one’s own interests regardless or even to the detriment of others, the community of believers banishes individualism in favour of sharing and solidarity”. Pope Francis said this in his continuing catechesis on the Acts of the Apostles during today’s audience. In the early Christian community, he pointed out, believers “are together, which is a sign that the baptismal grace has uprooted their isolated conscience and self-referentiality”. “Tensions and divisions are overcome, as well as the rivalries between the young and the old, men and women, the rich and the poor”, Pope Francis noted, adding off the cuff that “there is no room” in the Christian community “for selfishness: if you are selfish, you are not a Christian. You are worldly, you seek your own advantage, your profit to the detriment of others”. “Proximity and unity are the style of believers”, the Pope insisted: “To be close to and care for each other, not to badmouth each other”, he continued off the cuff. “To share, to identify oneself with others and to give according to the needs of each person” – this is imperative for the disciples of Christ: “This is a way of listening to the cry of the poor, which is so pleasing to God, and of giving back what is due to Him”, the Pope said, explaining that “the Church is the community that is able to share with others not only the Word of God, but also bread. Which is why it becomes the matrix of a new humanity capable of transfiguring the world, of introducing into society the ferment of justice, solidarity and compassion”. We are therefore called, the Pontiff said off the cuff, to “care for our neighbour”: “visit the sick, people in need and those in need of consolation”.

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