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Council of Europe: Mrcela (GRECO), “no country is immune to corruption”. Finland role model, Italy midway

(Strasbourg) “Public perceptions of low levels of corruption in certain countries may lead to underestimating the need for measures to combat corrupt practices”. This is according to the Council of Europe’s anti-corruption body (GRECO) which expressed concern about the “overall slow progress in implementing its recommendations”. In its annual report, which has just been released, GRECO assessed the measures taken in 2018 to counter corruption, notably among MPs, judges and prosecutors, as well as its most recent evaluation round focusing on preventing corruption in central governments and law enforcement agencies. “No country is immune to corruption”, GRECO’s President, Marin Mrcela, said. Which is why all countries are required to “take concrete measures to prevent and counter corruption”. The report shows that Finland is the only country that has implemented all GRECO’s recommendations; Sweden and the United Kingdom have not implemented all of them, but are doing very well. Turkey, Serbia and Portugal are the least compliant countries. And Italy has implemented 50% of all GRECO’s recommendations.

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