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Economic and Monetary Union: Commission, not enough progress. Juncker, “creating jobs, growth and social fairness”

foto SIR/Marco Calvarese

(Brussels) Progress has been made, but not enough. The European Commission took stock of the progress made to deepen the Economic and Monetary Union, ahead of the Euro Summit on 21 June. “Progress has been made to strengthen the single currency area and make Europe’s Economic and Monetary Union more robust than ever. Many of the gaps revealed by the post-2007 economic, financial and social crisis have been addressed. Yet, important steps still need to be taken”. The single currency and the coordination of economic policy-making “are means to an end: more jobs, growth, investment, social fairness and macroeconomic stability for the members of the euro area as well as the EU as a whole”. The President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, said: “This Commission has fought hard for the completion of the Economic and Monetary Union: a lot has been achieved but a lot remains to be done. This is about creating jobs, growth and social fairness for our citizens. It is about preserving the stability and resilience of our economies and it is about Europe’s capacity to take its future into its own hands”.

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