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Mexico: Bishops’ message on agreement with the US, “Deploying six thousand guards to the southern border is not the solution, we cannot change ourselves into a wall”

“It’s not just about migrants: our humanity is at stake”. That was the title of the message made known by the Episcopal Conference of Mexico (CEM) yesterday, on the agreement reached by the governments of Mexico and the United States about migration policy and customs duties. The bishops’ judgement was not benevolent in the least; they were “worried about lack of really human welcome to our brother migrants; we are convinced that the rights of all human beings have to be acknowledged and defended in an equal way”. The message signed by President of CEM Msgr. Rogelio Cabrera López and Secretary General Msgr. Alfonso Gerardo Miranda Guardiola says: “Deploying six thousand National Guard troops to the southern border is not a radical solution tackling the real reasons for migration”. On the other hand, it is necessary “to fight poverty and inequality in Mexico and in Central America”, but that has been “replaced with the fear of our brother”.
After all, “As Mexicans, we have condemned the building of a wall; we cannot change ourselves into that very wall”.
One aspect of the agreement is positive: no excise duties on Mexican products (Trump “put the gun to the head” of Mexican President López Obrador). However, in this historical time, “one should not waver in proposing integral human development for Central America and South East of Mexico” – by means of a strategy to be devised together with international bodies and other Central American countries.

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